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Katherine Bullock

Tax Barrister

Complex Tax Problems. Solved.



"Most professional advisers fulfil multiple roles and it’s not always possible for them to keep up with every highly complex change to UK tax law. I support accountants, solicitors and other family advisers by providing expert tax advice so that they can advise their clients, confidently, on the best course of action for the family and the business.

I practise exclusively in all areas of direct and indirect tax with a focus on high net worth individuals and their businesses. I offer a multi-disciplinary approach and a blend of commercial, strategic and tactical thinking."

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Would a quick chat now help you solve a complex tax issue?

The value that Katherine brings to our work together is a high degree of professionalism and the ability to explain complex problems and a range of solutions so that the non-professional can understand the problem and proposed solution. Her key strength is that she is able to refine solutions quickly and efficiently which of course any client is happy about both in terms of time and cost. Katherine very quickly becomes part of the team.

CEO of Family Office – Sunday Times Rich List

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